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Here you will find stories told by survivors of Meningococcal Disease, or their families, or stories told by families who have lost a loved one to the Disease.

Each one is different. Each one is moving. Each one tells how important early diagnosis and treatment is for this disease.

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Tammy’s story

On Sunday the 10th November 2013 I watched my partner play baseball at 9.30am then went swimming for 45 minutes at a public pool. I

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Brody’s Story

THE HURRICANE – OUR FIGHT AGAINST MENINGOCOCCAL B MENINGITIS From the moment he entered this world the Hurricane bought with him an energy quite unlike one I’d

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Alex’s Story

ALEX- Even now, nine months later, not a day goes by without me re-living the horror of his illness nor admonishing myself for having not

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STEF’s Story

On Sunday 8th January, after a long weekend celebrating Mums Birthday, a few friends and I went to the local Byford Pub for dinner. I

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Karen’s Story

A man in white asked me, “Where are you?”  I didn’t know!“What day is it?”  I didn’t know!“You have Meningococcal Septicaemia – how did you

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Tay’s Story

TAY’S STORY –  A SECOND CHANCE: SURVIVING MENINGOCOCCAL DISEASE Three and a half year old Tay is all smiles despite the major surgery he has

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Lisa’s Story

On June 12, 2000 I was working overseas at the Royal London hospital when I began to feel acutely dizzy. Just after midday, I reported

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Jess’s story

New Year’s celebrations carried extra poignancy for the Wernli family this year (2012) after they came close to losing 18-year-old Jessica to meningococcal disease. Neither

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