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Pre Primary to Year 3

Pre Primary to Year 3

  1. Kiddy Canter  Pre-Primary (see separate section) – Telethon funded hygiene programme with story book and resources.
  2. Hygiene Lesson & Resources – years 1 to 3 provided for teachers to run in-house.
  3. Programme of 12 lessons – across learning areas with hygiene and bacteria as the central theme.

For more information ring our Education Manager on 0433 615 656 or email Email Education Manager

Kiddy Canter   2021 Kiddy Canter story

Each year, we have been fortunate to receive a grant from Telethon that enables us to develop an annual pre-primary programme on hygiene. This programme has a new story each year with Melrose Mare as the central character.  Large storybooks and resources are sent to registered Child Care and Pre-Primary Centres around August/September each year. For 2020, due to Covid, our Kiddy Canter programme was delayed and distributed in term one of 2021.  THIS IS THE LAST IN THE SERIES OF 7  KIDDY CANTER BOOKS.  ENJOY USING THESE ELECTRONIC VERSIONS.

The stories are available below as a power point.  Three of our stories have been loaded on to Youtube with a voice over so that the teacher/educator or parent is free to assist/reinforce messages throughout the story without having to be the storyteller.  The 2021 story, available on Youtube, can be found at the start of this page.

If you have any questions and /or would like to register for the free education kit please contact Abby on 0433 615 656   

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Our resources are here for you to download.

How to volunteer

The Amanda Young Foundation is a non profit organisation dedicated to raising community awareness, regarding the swift and lethal nature of Meningococcal Disease.

To assist us in achieving this aim we run a series of events which serve the dual purpose of raising both funds and awareness. Volunteers are essential to assist us make things happen.

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