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Tammy’s story

On Sunday the 10th November 2013 I watched my partner play baseball at 9.30am then went swimming for 45 minutes at a public pool. I had a headache off and on during the past week. Thought it was only stress related and my neck felt a little strange on the Sunday. I enjoyed my swim and I cleaned my house as I was selling it and had people coming over to view it.

I went to my partner’s house for left over BBQ meat, salad and lamb shanks dinner. At around 9pm I went back to my home as I had a friend staying and my son was packing to leave to go up north for work on Tuesday. We were up until midnight talking then went to bed.

About 4am on Monday 11th November I woke up feeling like I needed to vomit. I started vomiting at around 4.15am and it was at about 6.30am diarrhoea started and I lost control of my bladder. I felt very unwell and thought it was food poisoning. I was vomiting for around 4 hours. My friend gave me paracetamol and water and she left around 7.30am.

Around 1.30pm on Monday I asked my son for lemonade. He went out and brought back some hydrating drinks and cold ice as he said I was very hot. I did not eat anything because I just threw it back up.


As the day went on I must of fallen asleep as I can’t remember some of the things I have been told, like being hot and experiencing light sensitivity and not really too with it when my kids spoke to me. I do however remember showering a lot.


At around 4.30pm my oldest son called my partner to come over as he could see I was very sick. My partner arrived about 5.15pm. He decided to take me straight to Armadale Hospital as he thought I needed something to stop me from vomiting. I remember having another shower and getting dressed – not sure why I did that. I walked down my stairs and into the kitchen and then went into the garage to get into my car. I remember my partner reversing out of the garage and telling him to turn left. I don’t recall anything after this moment.

My partner helped me into the emergency area of the hospital. Just before I got to the door I collapsed and he had to carry me. He said that’s when he knew I was dying. Once in emergency some people helped him and they called a doctor.

I was in intensive care for 4 days, and then in hospital for another 7 days learning how to walk again and try to control the pain in my legs, feet and head. The headaches are like migraines and I still get them if I have done too much. I had the rash on my ankles and feet, which is now healed leaving scars. My feet and ankles are stiff when I have been sitting for too long.

I personally wish to thank Dr Kieran Lennon and his team in ICU at Armadale Hospital. Without you all I would not be alive today!
My wish is that this information may someday save another life.