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Author name: amanday

Alex’s Story

ALEX- Even now, nine months later, not a day goes by without me re-living the horror of his illness nor admonishing myself for having not done something sooner to help, or realising how serious the situation was. Alex was a very special baby from day one, having already suffered one miscarriage and then a threatened …

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STEF’s Story

On Sunday 8th January, after a long weekend celebrating Mums Birthday, a few friends and I went to the local Byford Pub for dinner. I ordered my favourite chicken parma and salad. I was dissatisfied with the meal, it tasted bland and powdery. Assuming it was undercooked or off I decided not to eat it …

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Karen’s Story

A man in white asked me, “Where are you?”  I didn’t know!“What day is it?”  I didn’t know!“You have Meningococcal Septicaemia – how did you get it?” I DIDN’T KNOW! I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t understand what was happening.We were preparing for a getaway down south for the 2005 New Year festivities. …

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Garry’s Story

On Sept 22nd 2005 I went home from my night shift feeling as though I was gettinga bad dose of the flu. Two of my shift friends had driven me home and althoughI don’t remember much about the drive I do remember waving goodbye at the front door. That was the last thing I remembered …

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