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Survivor Stories

Tammy’s story

On Sunday the 10th November 2013 I watched my partner play baseball at 9.30am then went swimming for 45 minutes at a public pool. I had a headache off and on during the past week. Thought it was only stress related and my neck felt a little strange on the Sunday. I enjoyed my swim […]

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Abby’s Story

On Australia Day 1998, I returned to my teaching job in a small country town in the South West of WA. I was 21, fit, healthy and at an age where you almost feel invincible. I was filled with enthusiasm about setting up my pre-primary and preparing for the year to come. That week I

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Brody’s Story

THE HURRICANE – OUR FIGHT AGAINST MENINGOCOCCAL B MENINGITIS From the moment he entered this world the Hurricane bought with him an energy quite unlike one I’d seen before. He was filthy angry with the entire birthing process, almost growling rather than crying, and when they placed this cranky, grumpy baby in my arms my entire world

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Alex’s Story

ALEX- Even now, nine months later, not a day goes by without me re-living the horror of his illness nor admonishing myself for having not done something sooner to help, or realising how serious the situation was. Alex was a very special baby from day one, having already suffered one miscarriage and then a threatened

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