The Amanda Young Award -  Calisthenics Association of WA

Amanda was a Member of the  State Sub-Junior Calisthenics Team in Adelaide 1986

 This is an annual award to recognise a calisthenics cadet’s contribution and effort in the 12 months of cadetship. The cadet must display not only initiative and enthusiasm but makes an overall contribution to Club culture. The cadet must have been willing to contribute ‘above and beyond’ and they must have attended seminars and courses run by the Coaches Association.


The Amanda Young Award 2017 was presented to Amy Johnson,Riverton Calisthenics Club



The Amanda Young Award 2014 was presented to Shannon Panizza 



.Previous winners

Calisthenics Association Of  WA Amanda Young Award

2004     Alyce Kraft                 2005    Natalie O’Keefe         2006    Chantelle Goodall             2007    Tara Lasrado

2008     Ashleigh Catalano     2009   Jessie Davies             2010    Leah Schulz Doherty         2011    Kristy Duus

2012    Natalie Dyson            2013    Emily Horne               2014 Shannon Panizza

2017 Amy Johnson


Australian University Championships : Amanda Young Rose Bowl - Overall Women's Championship

The Australian University Games web site provides the following information on this trophy:

Amanda Young was a member of the University of Western Australia Women's Eight crew. She competed at the 1997 Australian University Championship for Rowing in Penrith (hosted by UNSW). The day after the end of the Championship, one of the UNSW girls became ill with meningococcal sepsis (A deadly type of infection that poisons the blood. It is spread through mouth-to-mouth transmission).
Some of the rowers at the AUC were notified and were vaccinated against the disease. A week later Amanda contracted a severe case of meningococcal, and tragically she died less than 24 hours later, aged only 18. She had competed at the WA State Championships only the day before her death.
Murray Clarke (1997 AUC Convenor) commissioned this trophy to be named in Amanda's honour, and the University of NSW and the University of Western Australia donated the trophy in 1998.

Amanda Young Rose Bowl: Awarded for the Overall Womens Championship
Year    Winner
1998    Melbourne University
1999     University of Technology - Sydney
2000    Melbourne University
2001    Sydney University
2002    Sydney University
2003    Sydney University
2004    Melbourne University
2005    Sydney University
2006    Melbourne University
2007    Sydney University
2008    Melbourne University
2009    Sydney University
2010    Sydney University
2011    Melbourne University
2012    Sydney University
2013    Melbourne University

2014    Sydney University

2015    Melbourne University

2016    Melbourne University

Photo from Australian University Sport,



Amanda Young Gosnells Primary School Dux Award

Amanda was Head Girl and Dux at Gosnells Primary School in 1991 – The Dux Award has been subsequently named in her honour.

1997    Katharine McLoughney
1998    Jayne Higgins
1999    Rebecca Barendrecht
2000    Brendan Dombrowsky
2001    Karl Langham
2002   Tristan Loos
2003   Caitlin McGiffin
2004   Luke Hollis
2005   Matthew McGiffin
2006   Zachary Gardner
2007   Tynan Eatt
2008   Chloe Angwin
2009  James Stirling
2010 Joshua Angwin
2011  Karuna Nair
2012  Rachel Bailey
2013  Jonathon Edgelow

2014               YEAR 6 Sky Seet                              YEAR 7 Zoey Dessent


2015 Jerusan Selvarajah

2016 Jung Hwa Park




The Amanda Young Leadership Prize  awarded  to the graduating student who has exhibited  the best combination of leadership, academic performance and potential for contribution to the environment .

2008   Casey Skalski

2009    Alison Prior

2010   Emma Bryce

2011    Emily Pinkus

2012    Siobhan Jennings and Jane Woodroof (joint winners)

2013    Rhianna Pezzaniti

2014    Carol Godwin

2015    Danielle Bandt

2016    Erin Chen

2017    Tarryn Coward


Barry & Lorraine pictured with 2014 winners Danielle & Bianca




   Carol Godwin & Barry Young





The Amanda Young Study Award for the greatest academic improvement  from ENV 102 Introduction to Environmental Science to ENV268 ECOLOGY.

2008   Jeannine Pinnimont

2009    Anthony Pansini

2010   Angelica Hang

2011   Elliot Lee

2012   Karis Tingey and Liam Harte  (joint winners)

2013   Isaac Tancred

2014  Sally Ross and Monthat Suwannakarn (joint winners)

2015  Bianca Connop

2016  Georgia Gilles

2017   Jessica Jury


 Barry & Lorraine with 2014 winners Daniell & Bianca




   Monthat Suwannakarn and Lorraine Young







Amanda was Vice-Captain of Sport and Rowing Captain 1996 at Penrhos College. Member of Penrhos Rowing Crew: 3rd place School Girl National Titles held in Collie 1995. Attended Inter-varsity Rowing Regatta in Penrith in October 1997.

Award Recipients

1998   Jess Renner 
1999   Sarah James
2000   Rachel Poon
2001   Jenny Spencer
2002   Karolina Hayes
2003   Annabelle Platell
2004   Claire Dunjey
2005   Rebecca Mccready
2006   Bridget Harnett   

2007   Caitlin Wood
2008   Johanna  Richardson
2009   Emma Jones

     2010   Sophie Deane 
2011   Milaela Andrews 2012   Abbey Griffin 
2013  Lily Hayes    2014 Georgia Leahy   2015 KeiraPetty   

2016 Kate FortinaKate Fortina

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