Our Kiddy Canter programme for 2016 is in it's final stages of planning. Kiddy Canter will be on Friday 26th August 2016.

If you have any questions please contact Linda on 0433 615 656 or email  here

Our resources are here for you to download.

Free Downloads


Kiddy Canter Lesson Plan 2016 (585 k)

Kiddy Canter Parent Letter 2016 (229 k)

Kiddy Canter Share Activity Sheet 2016 (336 k)

Kiddy Canter Melrose Mare worksheet 2016 (375 k)

 Kiddy Canter Health Messages worksheet 2016 (298 k)

Basil Bad Bug Flashcard (354 k) 

Horse Mask - Child size (321 k) )   

Brochure - what every parent must know  (637 k) 

Meet Melrose Mare Flashcard (868 k)

Kiddy Canter Poster 2015 (329 k)

Melrose Mare at the Fair Storybook 2016 (2.85 Mb)

Melrose Mare Stamps out Bad Bugs - Story (2.08 Mb) Please note this story was from 2014 and we have left it here for you to use.

Be Aware of Bad Bugs at Birthday Parties - Storybook 2015 (2.75 Mb) Please note that this story is from 2015 and we have left it here for you to use.


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