AMANDA'S CENTURIONS - raising funds to fight meningococcal disease.

                                                          Please contact the office for Fundraising Ideas.


We are also part of Everyday Hero platform, and it is easy to set up a page to receive sponsorship/donations for your event.


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Thank you for being a Centurion!

You are helping the foundation fight meningococcal disease by raising valuable funds for our education and support programs.

If you have reached this page and have not yet registered as a Centurion - we would love to have you part of the team -  email us to become a Centurion and we will help you get started. Our Centurions aim to raise $1,000 by running fundraisers like high teas, movie nights and various other social events.

The Amanda Young Foundation is a registered charity and any donations may be tax deductible.  In your Centurion kit you would have received receipts to issue to people that you collect donations from - copies of these receipts must be returned to the AYF office. If your fundraising activity involves participants receiving a product or service in return for their money then they may not be eligible for a tax deduction. Please advise people to check with their accountant or the tax office for any advice on this matter.

Any money raised as part of Amanda's Centurions activities can be paid in two ways as outlined below.


How to make a donation to the Amanda Young Foundation.........

1.   By direct deposit to our Gift Fund Account

       NAB BANK  BSB 086-492   Account Number 829351785       Account Name    The Amanda Young Foundation

       You can do this online or take the money to your nearest NAB branch.

        If you make a direct deposit please  email us with your name and address, and details of the amount and date of the deposit, so that we may send

        you a receipt and our thanks.

        As a reference - please identify the Centurion that has collected the money for the foundation so that we may acknowledge them eg for John Smith - 

        write "JSmithCenturion" as a reference.


2.   Via credit card online please click here




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